BMXieRS in the park

Most balance bikes are made up of some steel or aluminum tubing, some paint, two wheels , a sticker and done.

The BMXieRS is the balance bike that doesn't compromise: a real BMX/MTB-styled bicycle frame, over-sized tubing but extremely lightweight. A Superduper cool design, adjustable seat without tools and a removable footrest.

Need anything else? Maybe a detachable front number plate with various stickers? You got it and more...

Maybe you’re in need of a bike with tires that don’t need pumping, like, never ever? ....Guess what   At Chillafish, we figured out a way. No pumps, No breakdown assistance, No compressors !     

The BMXie-RS is now kitted with Airless RubberSkin tires, a new kind of tires that give you the best grip possible, and you never need to inflate them. A foam core means they cannot puncture, an outside rubber layer makes them just like real tires, unlike other foam tires on the market.

Great grip and no pump – that’s the best of both worlds. Exactly what every Chillafish rider needs.

We used to say our BMXie was probably the coolest balance bike in the world. With the innovative RS-tires, it certainly is.




The Bmxie Collection

From the first sketches to the coolest balance bike in the world... it took about 2 years to develop. With the specs and features we cropped into this cool design we think it was worth the effort.

At Chillafish we don't take a market item and give it a little twitch to make it look like a Chillafish product. We design from a white sheet of paper and start from scratch. That's why this bike looks so much different from anything in the market.

BMXie in the garage

 Lightweight balance bike-styled just like a full size BMX or Mountain bike

A Superduper cool bicycle frame design made with lightweight oversize tubing

Seat adjustable without tools (height from 32cm to 39cm)

Front number plate detachable

Includes decal set for cool customization

Foot support detachable and can be stowed away

Sealed wheel bearings - this bikes rolls uber-smooth and stealth silent, and no adjustments needed

Seat shape to assist with the diminishing width between a child's thighs as they kick and propel

Carry-friendly weight and ergonomics

High-quality fiberglass-reinforced material

Available in Blue , Pink , Lime

Age: 2-5 years

Quality certifications : ENZ1 , ASTM F963

Great packaging - a sensational gift

Airless Rubber Skin Tires that don’t need to be pumped


Where to buy

Chillafish products are sold by the leading bicycle dealers .

They are also available through selected major on–line retail stores.





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