About Us


Chillafish products are exclusively distributed in South Africa by B.Slotar (PTY)LTD.

B.Slotar’s primary business is the sourcing and distribution of sensational and innovative bicycling products.

Our products combine state-of-the-art design with the latest technological advances ensuring highly desirable and extraordinary bikes and accessories.

Our long history and experience in the cycling industry has insured a comprehensive understanding of the market. The ideas and philosophies of the company remain the same,to continually make available to our customers bicycle products that are original ,of superior quality and extremely cool.

Retail Merchandising


The Chillafish innovative packaging facilitates sensational point of sale displays, making for a exciting customer experience in your store  

Top-notch colorful packaging with stunning in-store display features.

All CHILLAFISH packaging boxes are stackable, easy to carry,  with relevant product information provided.

Part of the product protrudes out of the packaging to give the consumer the best possible first impression. The consumer can see and feel the real product, which will enhance the buying decision process.


 Point of sale innovation

 In Store Merchandising

Different stack ability options

 "Feel" product to see quality

 Requires less floor space for high return / square meter

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